Desert Heathens was a weekly (more or less) video and audio podcast that ran from December 26, 2019 to February 27, 2021.

This website is an archive of those podcasts.

Our purpose is to encourage rationality, not dogma, and help those who are giving up their faith.

We are Chris, Sherry, Michael, and (sometimes) Alex, former Christians. We host a weekly podcast and video stream for nonbelievers and anyone who’s curious about coming out of religion. Sherry and Chris are former pastors, now confirmed atheists. Alex and Michael were raised in religious households, but started questioning when they were young.

You can find our audio podcasts here and on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify. Our video casts are hosted on YouTube. Find us by searching for “Desert Heathens”.

Last Blog Posts

  • Better Atheist than You
    I’m trying not to be angry about it, but I find that it’s easier to have that “righteous anger” that I used to have now that the whole idea of “righteous” is rather silly to me. What is righteous anger except an … Read more
  • Anger and Frustration???
    I’ve found that as I’ve been Atheist for longer and longer, I have less and less conversations about it – except for on Desert Heathens of course. It’s interesting because it makes me angry and frustrated, but at the same time it … Read more
  • The Harm of Religion
    This post comes from Chris’ blog. You’re encouraged to check out his other thoughts on Christianity and life in general. ” OK, Chris, so you don’t believe in Christianity or spirituality any more. Fine. But there’s no harm in religion. Why ruin … Read more
  • Building a new cast and resources
    So, we’ve been putting out a new cast each week now. This upcoming will be our fourth episode. There’ve been a few downloads on the podcast, and a few watches on the youtube channel. At this point it doesn’t really matter all … Read more
  • Getting it all in order
    Hello, and welcome to the Desert Heathens blog. We’re still getting it all in order, and it’s a slow process because all four of us “desert heathens” have day jobs, but it’s slowly coming together. So what IS Desert Heathens? Well, it’s … Read more