Getting it all in order

Hello, and welcome to the Desert Heathens blog. We’re still getting it all in order, and it’s a slow process because all four of us “desert heathens” have day jobs, but it’s slowly coming together.

So what IS Desert Heathens? Well, it’s several things. First and foremost at the moment, it’s an idea we had. Two of us, Sherry and Chris, have come out of the ministry, and we are very used to “doing something” with our beliefs. It’s a hard habit to break, and maybe it’s not so much a habit as a way of life. You get very used to trying to help people when you’re a minister, and it doesn’t just go away when you find you no longer believe. So you have to find a means of still trying to help. So when you find that you’re now a secular humanist rather than a Christian preacher, it’s a way of reaching out to those who are in the same boat as you are. Alex and Michael were both raised in Christian families, but have been atheists for a long time. Together the four of us want to get our message out there. It’s okay. It doesn’t make you a pariah. You’re still sane. And there are others out there who have traveled this path too.

There are a multitude of resources out there for those who are just coming out of the faith, whatever that faith may be. This is another of those resources, and hopefully you will find it a good one. We hope to point out a lot of other resources that you can use, talk about our own journeys, get your input, and generally get ideas and hope to those who need it.

At the moment, Desert heathens is this blog, a youtube channel with a weekly live stream and chat, and an associated podcast. We don’t know where it will go, whether it will end up being big or small or somewhere in between, or whether we’re just spitting into the wind. But at any rate if you’re reading this, we welcome you and want your input, questions, or whatever else. Welcome!!!