Building a new cast and resources

So, we’ve been putting out a new cast each week now. This upcoming will be our fourth episode. There’ve been a few downloads on the podcast, and a few watches on the youtube channel. At this point it doesn’t really matter all that much. We’re slowly trying to get come content recorded so that if someone watches or listens and really likes what they see or hear, there will be some content for them to check out. As someone who had very little content when I was coming out of religion, I want to get some out there. There are a few other places to check out of course. There’s the Austin podcasts and there is Seth Andrews, and youtube has a plethora of debates to watch. Any of the above would be good sources if you find your way here and haven’t found anything else yet. There are lots of books too. Some of my favorites are the different Dawkins books. I highly recommend them. “The Blind Watchmaker” was my first, and what started my snowball out of religion.