Anger and Frustration???

I’ve found that as I’ve been Atheist for longer and longer, I have less and less conversations about it – except for on Desert Heathens of course. It’s interesting because it makes me angry and frustrated, but at the same time it gives me a sense of accomplishment. How?

Well, it gives me a sense of accomplishment because I’m certain now that I’m where I need to be. I had a conversation today (the first time in about a month) and I explained to a Christian why it is that I have my doubts that most Christians truly believe their own arguments. I won’t say that they don’t, but I wonder. If a Christian really believes that an atheist is going to hell, and that it’s up to the Christians to reach out to the atheist in order to prevent it, then why aren’t they doing it? I mean, it’s been a month! Seriously, if it’s really a matter of eternity, then the least moral thing a Christian can do is to not reach out to the non-christians. Either they don’t believe it themselves, or they’re way less moral than I am as an atheist. And that makes me angry. On the one hand, they want to tell me that non-christians are not going to make the cut, but on the other hand they don’t seem willing to do anything about it as their own great commission tells them, and many of them think it’s great sport to tell us that “one day you’ll get it, but it will be too late, ha ha ha”. What the hell kind of loving god is that?!?

But I do have a sense of accomplishment. I have applied critical thinking, and figured out it’s nonsense. But that makes me angry too. Why did it take so long? And why are there millions more enslaved in it? Sigh…

Here’s hoping that this reaches a few.